Attached to the University of Barcelona, the Foundation Bosch i Gimpera connect university, business and society. The institution links researchers, companies and investors to incorporate applied research at the service of society. In one moment the amount of information had grown in breadth and depth and needed to make more friendly website.

They needed a comfortable space where consult and relate the information. We segment the information into three profiles: researchers, companies and (investors and mentors) to be able to speak to each one in their language. Strategy by Clara Guasch, corporative texts by Elisabet Ceballos and coded by Vivian Peñarroja.

The graphic key was to develop a family of ad hoc icons that extend the corporate language and versatility of the brand online and offline. The iconography helps on complex and abstracts contexts, providing a friendly and more visual approach, making it easier to contextualise and follow the information.

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