Led by Josep C. Jiménez-Chillarón belonging to the Hospital Sant Joan de Deu, Pediatric Endocrinology (SJD). His investigation is related to: In utero undernutrition in male mice programs liver lipid metabolism in the second-generation offspring involving altered Lxra DNA methylation.

I create several graphic pieces to facilitate the understanding and dissemination of the research: a family of icons, infographics, a scientific poster and the cover illustration of the journal Cell Metabolism where the article is published.

Ad-hoc icons about mouse biology, they help to illustrate a methodology infographic.

Poster summary of this scientific study for a congress in Madrid. The infographic help to explain the process and show all data results.

Cover of the journal Cell Metabolism where the research article was published. I create a collage with Victorian illustrations to explain epigenetic inheritance. It shows its influence from generation to generation beyond the genetic information of DNA.​​​​​​​

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