The Bosch i Gimpera Foundation is part of the University of Barcelona and connects university and business to transfer innovation to society. There are currently 23 active spin-offs that it has helped to create. They are creating a first meeting event for all of them to get to know each other and establish synergies and collaborations. The name of the meeting: "Cockroaches vs Unicorns" refers to two forms of start-up growth: Cockroaches are emerging companies that are tough, resilient and resistant to change. Unicorns are companies with great potential for growth in a short period and require large investments of risk capital to achieve this rapid growth. 

The foundation commissioned me to create the graphics and the different elements for the event. The critical point was to create a décontracted image to facilitate a friendly atmosphere that would encourage people to laugh and to know each other and establish quality relationships. 

The images of the event are from the Fundació Bosch i Gimpera.

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