Crafting the identity for 'Cockroaches vs Unicorns': the first UB spin-off meeting with a friendly approach to foster dialogue. Click to discover. 
The Bosch i Gimpera Foundation relies on me in different areas of design: editorial, infographics, design of the website and its corporate icons. Click to discover.
The scientist David Solà Oriol, from UAB, commissioned me to create a visual summary of his career as a researcher in his three lines of research. Click to discover.​​​​​​​
From complex data to compelling design: See how graphic support for epigenetic research underscores and boosts the researchers' work, reaching the cover of Cell Metabolism. Click to discover.
From concept to code: My work for Living Lab UB encapsulates the lab's mission in its identity and web design, using a 'dashed line' to symbolize an ever-adapting, inclusive space. Dive into a design that talks innovation. Click to discover.
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