I design different pieces for the dissemination of a research on epigenetic inheritance led by Josep C. Jiménez-Chillarón and his team, belonging to the Hospital Sant Joan de Deu.I design a scientific poster that clarifies the process and shows the data of the study, fora congress held in Madrid. The article was published in the prestigious scientific journal Cell Metabolism, created an illustration on the subject and was selected to be the cover of that issue. Click to discover.
The Bosch i Gimpera Foundation commissioned me to create the visual identity for Living Lab UB and its website. Click to discover.
The Bosch i Gimpera Foundation relies on me in different areas of design: editorial, infographics, design of the website and its corporate icons. Click to discover.
The scientist David Solà Oriol, from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, commissioned 
me to create a visual summary of his career as a researcher in his three lines of research. Click to discover.​​​​​​​
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